so yeah, since i’ve been terribly unorganized here, i decided to just make a new blog. if you guys want, you can definitely follow me over there. i’ve already went through and followed a majority of people i was following here (though not everyone, for the sake of cleaning up my follow list a bit). so yeah, see you there~ i probably won’t delete this blog, at least not until i finish reblogging some gifs/graphics i want to make sure i save from here. but i’ll post a few more reminders i’ve moved for those who care to see it~ 

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TVD Rewatch | 1x02 Night Of The Comet

“Sleep tight.”

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6 Dresses Of Hanna Marin

Reblog if Bonnie Bennett has ever saved the life of your favorite character or at least one half of your OTP.
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tagged → #troian bellisario